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John Wesley Dickson music

'I Protest' -  my new CD available on ITUNES, Amazon and Spotify by February 1, 2017

Listen to my earlier work, 'Later On Down the Line, we will all come together' on PANDORA!

Performing Instrumental music Wednesdays & Fridays, 5-9pm at Randall's On the Orchard (610-395-8000)



JOhn wesley Dickson

B.A. English, M.A. Counseling Psychology


Based in Pennsylvania, John Wesley Dickson is a songwriter, composer, performer and classical guitarist. He uses his B.A. in English and Master’s in Psychology to inform and infuse his songs with meaning. His album “Living Through Loss, Malcolm’s Song” was re-released in August 2015. Using his background in Counseling Psychology, the album highlights Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’ Stages of Grief in a step by step musical journey throughout recovery from loss. With the release of his new album,  “Songs That Say Something”, John attempts to engage in a civil conversation about crucial cultural, economic, and environmental issues of our time. John is also a classical guitarist for corporate events and fine dining establishments. Having composed for films, John is actively creating new music for innovative and independent films. Recordings available on iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon and streaming available on Pandora. 




News & Updates

 'A Mind Full' now available on Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Original upbeat jazz instruments featuring guitar, horns, bass and drums. 

'A Mind Full' now available on Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Original upbeat jazz instruments featuring guitar, horns, bass and drums. 

I Protest
John Wesley Dickson
Living Through Loss: Malcolm's Song
John Wesley Dickson

Water Wars addresses the water crisis and climate change, an issue involving us all. 

John with Ritchie Havens with whom he served as an opening act 1979-1980.

Opening act for folk artist, Eric Anderson and R&B Scots Band, ACE at the Roxy 70's 


Environmental Songs

by John Wesley Dickson

WATER. We value oil and gold, but water is our most precious commodity!  This is our planet and our responsibility together! I hope these songs can create a civil discussion about preserving our natural resources while there is still time!


Film Music

by John wesley Dickson

Loving films as I do, I respectfully approach the responsibility of 'serving the film' with music that supports the filmmakers concepts.  I have many ideas, give me a chance to share some.... 


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Classic Guitar

by John Wesley Dickson

Contemporary music stylings of classical tunes for events and fine dining. 


Cultural Songs

by John Wesley Dickson

My goal is to help to create civil, respectful discussions of meaningful cultural issues- issues that affect our lives in our own U.S.A. and internationally as well.  Listen and think.......


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New Stuff for YOU to Hear!

by John Wesley Dickson

Exploring new topics in new ways!

Every artist wants to be different in their approach to interpreting life, the world

and 'whatever is going on.....'